About the Artist


John Modesitt

John Modesitt lives and works in the USA and Europe. The Museum of Impressionism was designed to exclusively represent his European paintings.

A Brief History of John Modesitt

John Modesitt began his interest in painting as a child when his father purchased for him a watercolor set. John's Father was an avid collector of impressionist posters and placed them throughout the home. This inspired John to imitate the style of the impressionists as early as 12 years old.

John began formal study of art in college under the guidance of Robert Frame. Frame's impression of Modesitt's work was encouraging. Inspired, John went on to paint outdoors which led his to eventually paint in France. 

John studied at any museum that held impressionist art. He enhanced his skills by getting permission to copy impressionist paintings by Pissarro, Monet, and Sisley in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In his early 20's John painted almost exclusively outdoors in the same style and manner of the French Impressionists. 

At 33 years old, John was inspired to paint California. Around that time the Califorina Impressionists were coming back in vogue. His paintings of Southern California sold extremely well. His work was auctioned by Christies and other auction houses in the secondary market. 

Later, John began including views of New Mexico and worked on site in places like Canyon de Chelly and Taos. John found his work to be more commercial than he would like despite strong sales and good representation in prominent galleries. He decided, after the late 1990's to focus on what was most meaningful to him. Being financially successful, John visited France every summer and autumn to paint in areas that most artists did not visit.

The Museum of Impressionism has John's most significant work and Houses the paintings he loves from his European trips. By no longer needing to cater to the contemporary taste, John has come full circle to a place where he can produce works that resonate with impressionist lovers from around the world. 

Living in Colorado on the Hermosa Creek, surrounded by mountains, rivers, flowers, and ever changing seasons, John is able to not only have the his personal museum, but is able to paint locally while not in Europe. His paintings of Colorado (www.americanimpressionist.net) are also a collectors dream.